Your Metal Fabrication Partner

Seconn Fabrication was started in 2003 not just to become a leading fabricator but to build connections based on honesty, integrity, candor and hard work.


About Seconn

Seconn Fabrication was founded under the guiding principle that successful relationships build successful businesses. After years of working for manufacturers that put profit over people, owner Rob Marelli Jr. saw an opportunity for a different kind of steel fabrication business - one that prioritized lasting relationships with customers, vendors, and employees. In an increasingly disconnected world, we take the time to make real connections based on integrity, reliability, and candor. Since our founding in 2003, Seconn Fabrication has grown from a local job shop to a leader in the precision sheet metal industry. Our customers know that they can count on us to be on time, to deliver what we promise, and to always be honest and transparent.

We Do Whatever It Takes

At Seconn, we believe in integrity and hard work that provides our clients with premier sheet metal fabrication services. Every action we take is rooted in our “whatever it takes” approach, where striving to do our best is always our priority.

We Build Relationships

We focus on understanding our customers' needs, gaining insight into what makes them successful, and developing customized steel fabrication solutions that marry our strengths to their needs.

Pennies Don’t Matter

We won’t let a couple dollars and cents get in the way of building successful partnerships.

Progress Not Perfection

We never stop looking for ways to move forward to ensure customers are satisfied and employees are motivated.

Flexibility in the Face of Change

We embrace lean principles and think to the future through continuous improvement of our processes, technology, and people.

Quality Time

Our processes support a 98% on-time delivery rate that will not sacrifice quality for speed.

Take Pride

We are proud to offer American-Made steel fabrication to a deeply rooted community of customers, vendors, and employees. These relationships enable us to support local first responders, child and family services, veterans, and numerous local charities.

Built for Quality

With over 60,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space, our facility houses all aspects of our manufacturing process. Combining innovation and efficiency, our space is always adapting to meet our customers’ needs.

Join the Seconn Team

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