Investing in the Future - Technology

March, 2014
Amada EMLK: Seconn purchased a new Amada punch-laser combo to add to our arsenal of cutting equipment.
The flexibility offered by the punch-laser combination is a perfect fit for our custom fabrication shop. Along with our existing lasers and punch machines, we now have multiple options for our cutting needs to ensure our customers get what they want when they want it. Additionally, we invested in an automated material handling tower and part-picking equipment to allow for lights out operation as well as removing the need for break-out. These additional investments are important, they maintain our high levels of efficiency in production and they ensure we remain an industry leader with our short lead times.

January, 2013
ASTRO II: Seconn’s commitment to reinvesting back into our company is evidenced by the addition of another robotic press brake.
The Amada Astro II robotic press brake is a perfect fit for our company. This cutting edge technology allows us to give customers confidence that they can get repeatable parts in a timely fashion. With skilled workers being harder and harder to find, the need to invest in automation is clear if you plan to be here for your customers for the long term. The Astro II fits our strategy perfectly.

January, 2014
Robotic Hardware/Spot Weld Cell: Always on the look-out for how to improve on our processes.
Seconn recently tapped into our sister company, Seconn Automation, to design, build and deliver a self-contained robotic cell that performs both spot-welding and hardware insertion tasks. The controls bring together the robot, the spot welder and hardware insertion machine that allows a single operator to perform the tasks of three. This frees up two workers to do additional value-add work in other parts of the shop floor. Investing in our company is an investment for both our customers and workers.