Investing in the Future – Technology
Seconn adds to their arsenal of equipment
Waterford – “We’re always on the lookout for how we can improve on our processes.” – Robert Marelli, Owner, Seconn

Seconn’s commitment to re-investing back into their company is evidenced by the addition of new equipment.
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Waterford firm staying ahead of the curve
Seconn forges into robotics before welding becomes a hard-to-find skill
Waterford – Robert J. Marelli Jr., owner and president of the sheet-metal fabricator Seconn, looked five years down the road and didn’t like what he saw.

The average age for welders nationwide had hit 55, and Marelli knew it was only a matter of time before these workers would hit retirement age, leaving a gaping hole in a business he had spent eight years building up.
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Waterford-based Seconn Fabrication Precision Sheet Metal added 17 new jobs this year
including four recent hires for an automation unit, owner and president Robert J. Marelli Jr. said. The company has gone from 55 workers in January to 72 today. Operations manager Mike Long, of Waterford, is one of the four recent additions.
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The FabricatorDon’t waste a good recession
During the slowdown, Seconn Fabrication made investments to prepare for bigger opportunities ahead. “It was the education that I will never forget.” That’s Rob Marelli, owner and president of Seconn Fabrication, Waterford, Conn., reflecting on the recession, which officially ended in June 2009…
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Legrand |Ortronics presents Seconn Fabrication with Sustainability Award
Seconn Fabrication, known for manufacturing tenacity, market aggressiveness, service-oriented speed and technology-leadership, has been awarded the Sustainability Award from Legrand |Ortronics. Nitin Raj Sharma, Director of Strategic Sourcing at Legrand |Ortronics, presented the award and discussed “his dedication to the continued integration of sustainable practices in order to continue leading the market in the area of environmental responsibility.”
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Niche Sheet-Metal Fabricator Offers Customers a Host of Services
Call it manufacturing with a lighter touch. SOLAR Fabricators says it’s a niche-sheet metal manufacturer with a very flexible business model.
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New Jobs & Increased Manufacturing Presence for Southeast CT, February 2011
Seconn Fabrication, known for manufacturing tenacity, market aggressiveness, service- oriented speed and technology-leadership, announces the latest addition to the Seconn family of companies, Solar Fabricators…
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Canadian Metalworking Features Seconn Fabrication, October 2010.
In 2003, Rob Marelli left his job with a small fabrication job shop to start his own company. He founded Seconn Fabrication in a 2,000 sq ft facility in Waterford, CT…
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Seconn Fabrication Receives National Honor at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Summit & Governor Rell Commends Waterford Businessman on Growth, National Recognition.
April 18, 2008, Waterford, CT – Robert J. Marelli, Jr., President & CEO of Seconn Fabrication, was honored at the recent 2008 Small Business Summit in Washington DC, as the 2008 Northeastern Regional finalist in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Blue Ribbon Small Business Awards.
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Seconn Fabrication wins Fabricator of the Year Award.
The old approach to the metal fabricating business isn’t of interest to the new kid on the block, Seconn Fabrication — The FABRICATOR’s 2008 Industry Award winner.
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March 27, 2008 Booming Business!
Waterford (WTNH) _ It’s the American dream come true. Waterford’s little business that could growing by leaps and bounds in just a few years. Because Seconn Fabrication has been able to stay strong in what many call a weak economy, it’s now up for ‘small business of the year.’
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