About Us


When people think of precision sheet metal and all the services and comprehensive solutions that go with it – they think first of Seconn Fabrication in Waterford, Connecticut. As an industry leader, Seconn surpasses its client’s expectations every day. Known for service-oriented speed and comprehensive solutions to complex challenges, Seconn delivers results when no one else can!

Through continuous improvement and reinvestment, Seconn remains rock solid and ready to engage in your next opportunity. We invite you to experience Seconn’s uncommon dedication to strategically anticipate your ever-changing business needs!

Our Mission


Seconn Service-Oriented SPEED means less than average lead times, the highest quality and on-time delivery standards, excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

  • Customer First: Strengthen customer partnerships by providing value-enhancing products and services
  • Respect for the Individual: Treat associates with dignity and equality
  • Quality: Execute with excellence, exceed the customer’s expectations
  • Supplier Partnerships: Accentuate communication, training, and recognition
  • Business Ethics: Conduct business with uncompromising integrity
  • Social Responsibility: Be a recognizable asset to the community
Our Quality


We follow ISO Management Principles of employing a strong leadership team to create and maintain an operating environment in which people at all levels are involved in achieving organizational objectives. Our people are focused on the customer’s current and future needs and strive to exceed customer expectations.

We take a process approach because we understand that results are achieved more efficiently when activities and related resources are an integrated, managed process. We work to identify, understand, and manage interrelated processes to know systemically what contributes to our organizations effectiveness and efficiency. We execute data-based, factual decision making.

We believe continuous improvement goes hand in hand with quality. On a day to day basis, we question and test practices to achieve continual improvement in productivity, capability and performance.

As a company we seek out mutually beneficial supplier relationships knowing that it enhances the ability of both partners to create value. Our suppliers are required to pass a comprehensive audit by our quality team before embarking on any business venture.